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Creating Change One Leader at a Time

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Going Deeper to Solve Your Workplace Challenges

Masters of Performance Management

Perhaps you remember those early days.  You were asked to lead; as an individual, supervisor, project manager, or team lead.  You thought you had to know it all, but deep down you were aware of how little you knew.   How did you survive and thrive?  Most likely through a combination of perseverance, asking smart questions, and the wisdom of trusted peers, mentors, and leaders. They had your back and helped you through your early leadership experience.  Or maybe you are at that early stage now and just starting on your leadership path.  You may be wondering where you can find the answers.  Regardless of where you are on your leadership journey The Masters of Performance Management (MPM Training) have your back.

The Future is Here: Succession Planning

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MPM Training hosts learning sessions on the topics of most relevance to leaders today.  Designed for leaders at all levels – on the principle that every person is a leader. You will find value in our programs if you are an individual contributor, emerging, new, or seasoned leader.  Our highly interactive programs will keep you up to date on the law, provide thoughtful insights, and give you concrete solutions you can implement in your own workplace.


Change occurs when you step up and take action.  MPM Training offers individual and group coaching services.  Real world experience and expertise combined with professional coaching skills help guide you through those tricky performance management and leadership challenges.  Let MPM Training coach you to your own success.

Consulting and Facilitation

Need to go deeper?  Let MPM assist you with those workplace challenges which cannot be solved easily.  The MPM team is expert in the laws of workplace, organizational and individual development, human resources, and leadership.  Let us design the right consulting process to help you resolve your workplace challenges.

Current Seminars

The Future is Here: Succession Planning

It’s time to stop procrastinating. The future is here and you need a plan. In this session, MPM Training will walk you through the legal, emotional, and practical issues related to succession planning. You will leave this session with the information you need to start designing an individual or organizational succession plan. Get the info and get planning!

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Taking on the Tough Stuff: Holding Productive Conversations

We all dread it. At some point in our career we need to have a challenging conversation with a peer, our boss, or our employee.  Learn how to hold conversations with others so the outcome is effective, and legal.  You can do it…and we will show you how.

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Creating Successful Partnerships: Mentoring and Coaching

Many situations have us looking for better leadership tools to address a variety of workplace challenges: difficult employees, emerging talent, or someone who just needs a change. In this workshop, you will learn skills to transform the way you work with your staff: from boss to coach and mentor. You’ll leave with skills you can immediately implement to partner with people for their success.

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From Foe to Friend: Leading Millennials

The younger generation or an older generation. You are in one of them and may be scratching your head as to how to work with the other.  In this workshop, we’ll offer a view into how to both lead and love your Millennial employee.

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Why MPM Training?





Karen Main, Chuck Passaglia, and Jo Mattoon bring more than 60 years of combined experience in employment law, organizational development, human resources, coaching, and leadership. Their considerable experience has helped leaders and organizations solve their people challenges and create organizational success.  You are getting a winning combination.

Charles T. Passaglia, Esq.

Chuck Passaglia is an employment lawyer in Denver, Colorado. He also founded and manages Employment Law Solutions, Inc., a human resources consulting firm, which specializes in advice and counseling in employment matters, workplace investigations, and training the entire workforce in critical employment law compliance topics, including ethics, managing employees’ absences, compensation and benefits, and protections under federal and state anti-discrimination laws.

Previously, he was a judge advocate in the United States Navy, a litigation attorney with Moye Giles in Denver and in-house employment law counsel for Mountain States Employers Council, Inc. Chuck received a degree in Philosophy from St. Louis University in St. Louis, Missouri and his law degree from the University of Denver.

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Karen Main

Karen Main has been delivering training and consultation to the public sector for the past twenty years. She conducts interactive training workshops across the country on supervisory skills, leadership principles, Adaptive Leadership, generational differences and customer service. Her workshops get people (appropriately) out of their comfort zones so they can think a little differently. Karen is a graduate of DU and certified by Harvard in “The Art & Practice of Leadership Development.” She has received awards for her programs by Mountain States Employer’s Council, Rocky Mountain Assoc. for Talent Development, The International Public Mgmt. Assoc., and the Asch Center @ The Harvard Kennedy School. Her company, Innovations In Training, is based out of Denver, CO.

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Jo Mattoon

Jo Mattoon is Principal of Jo Mattoon Associates – guiding individual and organizational transformation.  In addition to her work as a coach, facilitator, and consultant, Jo also spent 20 years providing organizational leadership and served as the human resources executive at three Colorado cities.  Recognized for her strategic leadership and visioning, exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, analytical ability, and great sense of humor, Jo brings these talents to her work.  Jo holds a Bachelor’s degree in the Humanities from the University of Colorado and a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Syracuse University.  Jo is certified as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Senior Human Resources Professional (SPHR), and SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP).

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